MCU AU Fest Letter

avengers 2
Dear MCU AU Fest writer,

Firstly, thank you so much for signing up for this and offering one of the pairings/AUs that I've been wanting to read forever :-) I'm pretty easy to please, so hopefully this letter won't be too horrendous.

To get this bit out of the way: I've got all the usual squicks (death, non-con, gore, torture etc.) and I'd really appreciate not having those in the fic.

Apart from my really, really excessive love for AUs (which is why we're all here, right?) my other big love is happy endings. I don't mind a bit of pain and angst on the way (hell, some pairings demand it) but I like a happy ending. Please?

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I'm three four days into Camp NaNo and I'm actually on track to meet (or exceed) my goal of getting the first 30k of Zombie Circus written. Woot! It's already starting to feel real and flow nicely and it feels *good* writing it, which is something I've learned is a good sign from writing fanfic.

One of the fun things has been picking out names. I've heard a lot of authors discussing the importance of getting the names right, and it's never been something that I worried about before.

All of my previous unfinished original novels have been on the high fantasy side. (This may explain a lot about why they're unfinished *sigh*). When it comes to names for that kind of world, I've tended to just make up something that sounds good and go with that. Real world names are hard to do in that kind of setting because they don't feel real.

When I'm writing fanfic, most of the names are already chosen. I'll name the ocassional OC, but they're generally pretty minor so I just pick something out of the air and move on.

Zombie Circus is gaslamp fantasy - steampunk with a bit of magic. That makes it, more or less, alternative history. So I can use real world names, and suddenly picking the right ones feels really important. The right name can be a good short-cut to tell the reader a character's nationality and hint at their social class. That gives clues about appearance and accent and so on before any description is given. Until I began naming my characters for this story, I really hadn't noticed how many assumptions we make about a person based on a name.

(Although I should have, after I spent ages at a previous workplace looking for a Chinese woman called Soo Lin...only to find out that I'd actually been looking for an English woman called Sue Lynn. Oops.)

Anyway, point is, I'm finally starting to understand why authors choose character names so carefully. It's weirdly intimidating.

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Blogging Excuses

*blows dust off the furniture*

Hello! Yes, I aten't dead. Again.

But I have been finding it increasingly difficult to put together anything approaching an actual blog post. One with words and thoughts and so on. It's much easier to chatter on Twitter and reblog stuff on Tumblr and my brain has been on a "do the easier things" setting for most of the winter. There's a lot of reasons for my absence and lack of braining, including (but not limited to):

WINTER - This has been the worst winter since my first one in Canada. So, so cold. So much snow. Constant, unrelenting snow and ice and shovelling and falling over. I've been feeling quite low a lot of the time, with occasional forays into irrational dread when another snow storm is forecast. If we can please not have another winter like this for a few years, that would be great.

If spring could start to show up, that would also be great. It was -15C this morning, before windchill was added. There's another big snow storm predicted for later this week. IT'S FRICKING MARCH.

So yes, winter. My brain got eaten by winter. And also...

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My current plan is to mostly take April off from fanfic and concentrate on an original story. It's something that's been rattling around my brain for a while and I'm reaching the "must write this" stage now. This week I've been writing a short story connected to it, just to get it out of my head, and I'm itching to get to the main piece. I don't know whether it will go anywhere beyond the hard drive of my computer, but I want to try and I'm planning to use Camp NaNoWriMo as the motivation for it. AFter all, the regular NaNo got me mostly through writing a fanfic novel. Hopefully it's baby cousin can keep me on track for something original. At least for the first month, anyway.

(I'm not calling it a novel, in case it gets intimidated and runs away from me before I finish it. Set the bar low and all that.)

If people see me chattering about Zombie Circus, that's what I'm doing. There are no actual zombies in the circus. My working titles only make sense to me :-D

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Help needed!

Specifically, anyone with any kind of familiarity with the American schooling system would be massively appreciated right now. I'm plotting out a high school AU and for various logistical reasons (namely, 90% of the canon characters are American and my brain would hurt too much trying to shoehorn them all into an English sixth form college) it's going to need to be set in an American high school.

I mean, I can vague my way through a fair bit based on watching and reading a fair bit of stuff set in high school, but there are some specifics that I feel like I may need solid info on. At least, enough that I don't sound entirely crazy to actual American readers. High school AUs are a fantasy version of high school anyway, but accidentally having my kids writing UCAS applications that don't exist may be pushing the bounds. A bit.


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Seriously, any help with any of this (even just links or snippets that I can pull together to build my verse) would be hugely helpful.

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Trope Bingo card: round 3

fake relationship hurt / comfort au: other reunion au: crossover
virginfic au: mundane trapped in a dream genderswap role reversal
secret twin / doppelganger celebratory kiss FREE

au: college / highschool character in distress
bodyswap chosen family telepathy / mindmeld au: alternate professions futurefic
soul bonding / soulmates marriage fork in the road sex pollen au: fusion

I am chortling so hard because this card is perfect :-) I've been planning a high school AU for my AoS Big Bang and the actor AU C/C fic I've been planning could fit into either au:mundate or au:alternate professions, so that's brilliant.

I'm looking at all the other squares and just grinning so much because so many of them are themes and tropes I've been itching to write and now I have the perfect excuse to get onto them. It's my favourite [community profile] trope_bingo card yet.

Oh god, so much fic shall be written for this :-D

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Fic writing year in review: 2014 edition

Ganked from [personal profile] sineala because I haven't done one of these in years, mostly because it's been a long time since I wrote more than one or two things in a year.

Writing meme below the cutCollapse )

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Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

You've signed up to write for one of my beloved teeny fandoms so that already makes me adore you and utter little squeaky happy noises :-D Thank you!

I'm not hard to please, I don't think. Although I have a shippy little heart, I'm also more than happy with fic focussing on friendship instead of shippiness if that's not your thing. Write the story you love and I'll love it too. That said, if you're a romance writer then I prefer F/F or M/M rather than het in my shippy fic, which is probably obvious from the character combinations I requested but it's always worth making clear.

General likes/dislikesCollapse )

And so, to specific fandom by fandom notes that will hopefully be shorter than the general section :-D (Edit: *sigh* Nope!)

Captain Marvel (Marvel): Carol Danvers, Jessica DrewCollapse )

Fearless Defenders (Comics): Annabelle Riggs, Brunnhilde | ValkyrieCollapse )

Young Avengers: America Chavez, Kate BishopCollapse )

Parasol Protectorate - Gail Carriger: Biffy, Professor LyallCollapse )

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011): Benji Dunn, William BrandtCollapse )

Call the Midwife: Cynthia Miller, Trixie FranklinCollapse )

I hope this enormous essay gives you somewhere to start with the fandom you've matched to me on and I look forward to unwrapping my fic on Christmas Day!

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Preparedness...not so much

Christmas Doctor Who 1
I'm starting to count the days until my Christmas break. Due to my compressed work schedule and the plethora of federal and company holidays, I've managed to get a Christmas break that runs from 20th December to January 5th while only using five vacation days. In other words, I'm off work for nearly two and a half weeks over Christmas.

*flail arms*

So, I'm now counting the days until December 19th when I skip out of the office singing silly carols and relishing the idea of not returning for a very long time.

Not that I don't enjoy my job, I do, but it's been a long time since I had a break that didn't involve travelling or dealing with parents and parental expectations of what a 'vacation' is. Often both. My mother's idea of a good vacation usually involves getting lots of DIY jobs done around the house and travelling places to get administrative stuff done or shop for curtains. If I take a staycation when she's here, there's usually no chance that I'll get time to sit around reading books and fic or writing for hours on end or marathoning entire TV series.

Take a wild guess at what I've got planned for Christmas :-D

So, yes, countdown to vacation is started. Nine days to go!

I'm feeling ambivalent about my preparedness for Christmas. On the one hand, I've got the turkey (stuffed turkey breast, actually) ordered at the butcher's and the Christmas pud is in the freezer. On the other hand, I got as far as mixing up pastry and mincemeat but haven't actually made and frozen the mince pies yet. Nor have I ordered the Christmas presents.

I got three quarters of my Christmas shopping done tonight. Tomorrow I make mince pies and finish the shopping. When those things are done, I'll feel much happier about the entire thing.

Shockingly, my Yuletide fic may be the only thing I feel relatively calm about. I finished it last night leaving me with well over a week for editing, beta-ing, and re-editing. I'm even feeling fairly happy with it. Huh.

And I still have two weeks to get the big crackfic C/C fic edited for Christmas Eve posting :-D

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NaNo roundup and writing plans

I actually made it to 50k during NaNoWriMo :-D This was completely unexpected because I'd started the month just hoping to get to 30k, which would have been a bit of a record for me. I think my previous highest month was 27k, when I wrote Dreams and Circus Crowds in the course of one month.

41k of that was finishing the crackfic wingfic AU. The other 9k was split between a couple of shorter fics (one of those still needs editing and posting) and the first scenes for a couple of fics. So not 50k on one story, which means I was a NaNo rebel, but still 50k of fiction in the space of one month. Suddenly, aiming for a monthly average of 30k and actually writing a novel or two looks much more achievable!

I'm aiming to get the crackfic wingfic AU edited, beta'd, and re-edited by December 23rd or 24th, so it'll be my Christmas-time fic offering. It's unlikely that I'll actually do a Christmas themed fic this year, but 65k of fluff and angst and self-indulgent Clint/Coulson romance works for some people, right?

The only other deadline I have this month is Yuletide so I'm feeling much more relaxed than I was this time last year. Hopefully I can get my first draft done this week, which will give me two weeks for beta-ing and editing. I've started it finally, so my Yuletide panic levels are already subsiding from where they were on Sunday.

I'm making notes and writing down ideas for some new projects, which I'm looking forward to. Tentative schedule for Stuff To Write next year is:

1. Agents of Shield Big Bang (high school AU, 15k minimum)
2. Zombie Circus (original novel - steampunk, there are no zombies)
3. Actor AU (C/C AU novel, potentially my Marvel Big Bang fic so 10k minimum)
4. Original novel loosely based on Clockwork Murders

I've got some shorter (sub-10k) fics that I want to play with before starting those/inbetween writing those and I could veer off into some completely different things, but those are the four projects I'm feeling really excited about writing and I'm already doing research for.

Oh god, next year could end up being even more productive than this year was!

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Writing stuff...

NaNoWriMo is going surprisingly well. I started this with no actual expectation of hitting 50k - I was aiming for maybe 30k and managing to write at least some words most days. I'd hit a slump after the massive push to finish the steampunk AU and even though I'd been writing and prodding at bits and pieces, I hadn't really been able to throw myself into anything for a couple of months.

Elizabeth Bear often talks about post-novel ennui, that state where you've put so much into the big push to finish a novel and you've thrown so much of yourself into said novel that all you want to do is slump on the sofa with a stack of DVDs, books, and food until you've recharged.

That's where I'd been for a couple of months and I was struggling to get past it so I decided to do NaNo and see if that jolts me out of it. I'm doing it rebel style, working on multiple projects including finishing a WIP that's been in hibernation since June due to the steampunk AU.

The WIP has a working title of Match Made in Heaven but I usually just call it the crackfic wingfic AU. I wrote 10k back in June and then had to put it aside to get the steampunk AU written. I had this idea that it wouldn't be a long fic, definitely under 20k, and it would be sweet and fluffy and silly. I poked at it a bit in October, added an extra 5k, and put it aside again.

Since the beginning of November I've added 27k. It's definitely not *short*. With the other short little things I've done, I'm at over 30k for the month already so I've more than hit my original NaNo goal and I may actually be thinking that 50k looks achievable now. I'm even far enough ahead of goal that if I lose a couple of writing days this weekend, I still might make the 50k.

Most excitingly, I've remembered why I like writing big fics and why it's so much easier to just power through one huge project rather than prodding at half a dozen things at the same time. It's the main thing running through my mind whenever I have time to think - thinking about how the next scenes should run, rehearsing dialogue, picturing things, nudging at plot barriers and finding ways over them. This is the part of writing I really love and I guess my big learning from NaNo will be that while I *can* flutter around projects, I enjoy writing most when I'm focusing on one project at a time.

I said that after the steampunk AU, didn't I? One day this message will actually stick.

The other learning will be that when the fic calls for it, I can actually write smut. I'll need my beta to tell me whether it's good quality smut, but this fic? Yeah, it's getting a high rating. Oops?

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She's alive!

So, uh, there haven't been many posts here lately *watches tumbleweed roll by*

Like, for the last month. No posts here. Oops?

This is partially (largely) because it's much easier to merrily post silly comments and reblog gifs on Tumblr than it is to actually construct a text post for a journal. I'm actively contributing to the fannish exodus from LJ/DW, it turns out.

This is also because every time I sit down to write a post, my mind goes blank on what to write about. I mean, my daily life doesn't seem that thrilling to record. Most of my fannish reaction squee for Agents of Shield and Thor 2 has been conducted via Twitter and some massive (truely, MASSIVE) email threads with other fannish people. Sometimes it's on Tumblr, but that's not really a good lengthy text discussion forum.

Which is my way of saying, sorry for the lack of anything approaching an update. I aten't dead.

And the next few weeks may also be light on the updating because I'm NaNo-ing. Rebelling and not actually writing a novel (working on a couple of fanfic pieces instead) and only vaguely hoping for 50k while expecting to be closer to 30k, but still. NaNoWriMo. I am frantically writing every evening and then collapsing into a puddle in front of the TV when my brain turns off.

Scarily, I'm also doing research for some other projects. I've got a rough outline for an original novel. And I'd like to pull apart my steampunk AU, extract all the bits that I think can be extracted, and rewrite it as an original novel. So I'm doing a lot of research into Edwardian England and related subjects in preparation for attempting one (or perhaps two) original novels next year. Both are Edwardian steampunk, so the research is good for both :-D

And thus, it may be that my updates here continue to be sporadic. Possibly there might be wailing when I start writing one of the novels. I may hold a party when my mother finally departs for England.

I may try to write something appropriate to the Doctor Who anniversary. But then again, I may be too busy watching the Doctor Who marathon (all day, commercial free, DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS OVER HERE?) and anniversary special and rolling around in the beautiful wonder they're giving me as a birthday present.

And also, actual birthday presents. I'm treating myself to a new iPod Touch.

So, you know, don't actually *count* on there being a Doctor Who post. But assume I'm squeeing if there isn't one :-D

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I which I am grumpy about changes

angels have the phone box
I'm having to make a small change to my writing set-up, which is kind of a pain but may not be as bad as I'd been thinking yesterday.
Cut for length and discussion of word processing appsCollapse )

I'll grab the Quickoffice replacement app for working with the Google Docs that I do still use and Pages will now be my main writing/word processing app, with DropBox remaining as my connection to my desktop. It's probably going to take me a couple of days to get used to using a different app, but on first view it looks like it's going to be much easier to sync it all together than I'd feared.

I've also finally got round to setting my iPad back to using British English spellings again :-D That must have got changed when I updated to iOS6 and, uh, it's taken me a year to put it back...


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Fannish update!

avengers 2
[community profile] femslashex assignments were out this weekend and I love mine to itty bitty pieces. I have no idea what I matched on because two of the fandoms are ones I offered with pairings I offered and I'm inspired about fics for both. Oops?

I'm now two weeks away from the final draft deadline on Marvel Big Bang and the beta-ing has been going better than expected. It's all tweaks and typos so I'm still feeling confident about being done on time despite the incredible length of this novel. And the good thing is that I still really like the fic and feel very pleased with what I've achieved, so it's all good there.

Agents of SHIELD has been seen and much enjoyed. It was even better on my second viewing, with all the adverts removed. Ads really interrupt the flow of a good show. AoS isn't without its issues, ones that I'm hoping get addressed as time goes on, but as a pilot that was trying to show what it could be and set up a whole whack of things I thought it was great.

Things I'm looking forward to seeing more of (non-spoilery):

- FitzSimmons and their beautiful twinny friendship. Anyone who's read a lot of my Avengers fic may note how much I love playing with male/female deep friendship (Clint and Natasha are wonderful to write) and the FitzSimmons relationship plays into all my favourite tropes for that so far. I really want a couple of episodes focused on those two and their beautiful broship.

- Melinda May. So much mystery and so much history, we need to have some Melinda focused episodes.

- Grant Ward's incredible lack of sense of humour and people skills. Really, that's just crying out to be one of the running jokes of the series and I kind of look forward to him looking pained and tolerant as Fitzsimmons and Skye make with the mocking and the hilarity around him.

- Skye. I'm intrigued and I want to know who she really is. I kind of also like the mentor/protege vibe she's getting with Coulson, I think that's got some terrific possibilities.

- Coulson. On my telly box every week. With mysteries he doesn't even know he's in the middle of and that wonderfully determined belief that everyone deserves saving. Someone said he's the ultimate Hufflepuff and I really think that's the perfect way to see him.

- Arcs. Looks like we're getting lots of arcs and themes and that really hits all the things I love in a show.

Yup, I'm a happy fangirl.

And lastly, I may have picked up a new Thing. Sleepy Hollow, how are you so cracktastic and so very awesome?

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Update on wedding/family dilemma thing

Doctor Dances, are you my mummy
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Dear Femslashex Writer

darcy 1
Dear Femslashex Writer,

Hello lovely person! Thank you for signing up for something I've requested! If you've got a story you've always wanted to tell about any of the pairings I requested, go ahead because the idea you're in love with will always write itself so much easier than a prompt from someone else :-D But if you want to know more about my loves and dislikes, read on.

General things I like: Kissing, happy endings, adventure, friendship as a basis for love, women rescuing themselves and each other, slow builds and moments of passionate declaration. I have a major weakness for the tropes. All the tropes. e.g. huddle for warmth, cabin fic, amnesia, matchmaking, AUs (particularly the coffee shop variety), fake relationships leading to real ones and so on and so forth forever and ever. Me + Tropes = OTP.

General dislikes: Tragic endings, PWPs, non-con, extreme gore and violence, BDSM etc.

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I have a dilemma. Or at least, a thing where I need someone to tell me that doing what I want to do is fine and I shouldn't feel obligated to do the other thing.

See, a couple of months ago my cousin got engaged and her wedding will be in March in Wales. I hadn't planned on a trip to the UK outside of Worldcon next year so I didn't have it in my budget but my parents talked me into thinking about going.

Note, I haven't formally accepted an invitation or bought flights yet.

At the weekend I was chatting with Best Friend in America and we got onto the subject of how long it's been since we actually met up (four years!) and how much she enjoyed her last visit up here. End result, she's suggested that she and her husband and Baby Z could come up to visit in me in the spring. Which would be awesome because I've only really met BFiA's hubby at their wedding and Baby Z will be one in February and I really want to meet my almost!neice while she's still tiny and adorable.

(She's the cutest baby in the history of babies, guys. I'm not kidding, this child is *beautiful* and smiley and I want to snorgle her so badly.)

So, dilemma. I don't have enough vacation to take time off for both the wedding and my friend's visit and if BFiA drags her family up here I don't want to be at work all day. I want to spend time with them and cuddle Baby Z and natter with my best friend and go on trips to the beach even though it's going to be cold and blustery.

But my family kind of expects me to be in England for this wedding.

If I pick my best friend, I've got a couple of thousand dollas back in my savings (ugh, just the though of how expensive the wedding trip would be makes me cry - hotels and flights and presents and clothes and argh) and I get to see my beautiful neice while she's still tiny.

If I pick the wedding, my family will be happy.

Someone weigh in with an opinion here. Am I monumentally selfish to prioritise my best friend over my cousin?

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It's coming...

It's the yuletide strategising time of year again! I *think* I've got my nomination list fixed. Several fandoms I really want to request/offer in my sign-up are thoroughly covered already so I'm nominating for my tiny fandoms with tiny pairings :-D

The rule change where I can request up to six things on sign-up is going to be so great. Usually I have trouble narrowing my requests down to four, so this year it's going to be a bit easier. And because offering thousands of fandoms apparently doesn't help the matching algorithms, I'm keeping myself to a maximum of ten offers without making a big bucket o' fandoms offer this year.

I suspect half my sign-up, at least, will be me hoping for femslash in my tiny fandoms. How has nobody spotted that Trixie/Cynthia in Call the Midwife is a thing that needs to happen? How is there so little Kate/America in Young Avengers? Why isn't everyone falling onto Valkyrie/Annabelle in Fearless Defenders?

OK, yes, I'm ridiculously excited for Yuletide *already* and by the time sign-ups happen and assignments go out, I'll be slightly ridiculous. As it's the only exchange I'm signing up for this season, I think that I'm allowed to be ridic :-D

My Big Bang editing is...happening. I've finished going through the MS and making copious notes on all the things that I need to do and last night I got the first two chapters edited. As they were the ones that stood out as needing the most work and the largest rewrites, it feels good to have them done. I'm still hoping to have the edited MS out to my beta by Monday but a lot depends on how much time I have to spend doing family stuff this weekend.

Dad is visiting. Mum wants us to be All Family All The Time. It's really bad timing.

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Insert witty title here ->

brain to mush
Ugh. I've spent half the morning feel utterly icky (shivery, cold, sniffly, sore throat) and wondering why the hell I'm so tired and gross feeling.

Then I remembered that yesterday was Humira day and therefore I'm probably having a bad post-Humira day. Mostly I feel fine the day after I take it, but there are some weeks where the day after is fairly miserable. Fingers crossed this is the problem and I'm not getting an infection.

The joys of taking immuno-modulators. You never know whether you're feeling icky because of actual infection-type illness or your meds. Blergh. Hopefully I'll feel fine by this evening because I'm supposed to be going out for Thai food with my aunt to celebrate her birthday.

I'm now well into the process of editing my Marvel Big Bang fic. Or at least, I've read through and made dozens of notes on the first few chapters and now I've hit the part where I got into my writing stride so the remaining chapters shouldn't be as messy. Oddly, it's chapter two that needs the most work and some actual wholesale rewrites. I've also discovered there's a scene missing that I was sure I remembered writing (maybe I just wrote it in my head?) and I used some information from it in a later chapter but IT'S NOT IN THE MANUSCRIPT. So now I have to work out where I can slot that scene in or, if I can't, where I can slot in that information without inserting a random infodump. This is probably the downside to my writing habits, where I start writing and keep going until I hit the "Ooh, *that's* what I'm doing" stage and suddenly everything takes off and pulls me along with it. On the other hand, at least this habit still nets me completed fics even if the clean-up work in editing can be a bitch.

On the very positive side, my fic got an art claim within a couple of hours of claims opening so I feel much more relaxed about that side of things :-D Last year mine was one of the last and I got worried nobody would want it. Apparently this year I mastered the art of writing an enticing summary. Woot!

I'm incredibly tempted to put my name down for [Unknown LJ tag] because it's such an awesome ficathon, but that would probably lead to deadline burn out if I also want to do Yuletide. I've got bingos to write for and I'll probably be working up a gift fic or two for Christmas, so adding in the femslash ficathon would just be overkill. I'm remembering November and December last year and kind of shuddering. So many deadlines. So much flailing.

So I'll pass this year and preserve my sanity. After all, I've got ladies_bingo to write for, which should spur me into some femslash, plus some Darcy/Natasha plot bunnies biting my ankles and I have a horrible feeling I might possibly be looking for Darcy/Sif fics as well after Thor 2 :-D

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Made it!

My rough draft for Marvel Big Bang went in two hours before the deadline but it's in and, most importantly, it's a complete draft. Woot! Yesterday morning I was fairly sure it would be missing a scene from one chapter, but I managed to get that scene written last night (and rewrite sections of three other scenes, which I totally hadn't thought I'd get time for) so the whole thing went in.

Then I sent it again because I accidentally sent versions 1 and 2 of chapter eight and no chapter eleven. Oops.

(Yes, I version my drafts. I'm a software developer. We version.)

I'm pretty sure the whole thing is filled with spelling mistakes, typos, horribly clunky sentences and small plot holes I intend to fix in editing so my poor artist(s) isn't going to get a beautiful fic but it should be good enough for arting :-D

Tonight I plan to print off the chapters I haven't printed yet and then I can panic and flail for a while before starting to read it over the weekend. All my focus has been on getting the words down so I haven't gone back to read chapters since I finished them. This will be my first chance to get a feel for what I've done on the fic as a whole.

Current plan is to read go once to get a sense of how it reads and make some general notes about any big issues. Then I'll read it through again and this will be where I make all my big, detailed scribbles all over the manuscript. This will be when I make notes on all the small things I mentioned and need to keep consistent, count up bodies (don't ask), and write "JESUS FUCK WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??" in various locations.

So, yes. Editing. This will be my life for the next little while until I've got the MS into a beta-able state.

But I'm not doing any of that until Monday at earliest. It's my Friday off work tomorrow and I intend to spend the day reading books and fic and watching a shitload of completely mindless trash on the TV. Saturday is comic shop day and then an afternoon at the movies with friends. Sunday is probably for sleeping.

For the first time in my life, I kind of understand what Elizabeth Bear means about post-novel ennui. I just want to hide and turn my brain off for a couple of days because the push to get so much writing done in a short period of time has drained me completely.

But I did it. I wrote an actual novel with a complex plot structure in three months. Eep!

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Rough drafts for Marvel Big Bang have to be in on Wednesday so I've been writing madly for the last couple of weeks trying to finish. It looks like my first draft will come in at around 70k *boggles*

Hence the mad writing. I underestimated the scale of what I'd taken on in terms of how long it would end up and how much time it would take. I've accidentally written a short novel. This is the longest thing I've written since Serpent in the Shadows eight years ago and it's slightly blowing my mind that I've done it (nearly). I'll have six weeks to edit it into a coherent final draft and I already have notes on bits to rewrite and an extra scene that will be needed so that six weeks could be tight.


How is it that I can write novel length fanfic without a problem and yet I stall out a few chapters into any original novel I attempt to write? Really, it's clear that I'm capable of writing something with that kind of length and plot depth - why can't I do that in original fic? Particularly as my novel length fanfics have always been AUs? Argh.

The weather is starting to hint at autumn and this is the time of year when I always end up itching to read murders. I've got no idea why, but there's something about cooler days and autumn smells that make me want to read a good mystery. I've got Wolf Hall on my shelf so that may be my next read :-) And I'm also building up a list of things I want for my Kindle that are all nice historical mysteries, although I want to finish my Harry Potter reread before I start Kindling those.

Mmm, books. I'm reserving a whole day over this coming weekend just to read. It'll be part of my recovery process from the Big Bang effort.

This entry was originally posted at There are currently comment count unavailable babbles on the entry on Dreamwidth

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