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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, an early "Thank you!" for writing a fic in one of my fandoms. That alone has made me happy. If you've already got the perfect idea, please, go ahead and write it! If you want to know more about what I love about these pairings and prompts I've been mulling, I've thrown some thoughts together below.

I'm happy with any rating you're comfortable writing for.

General likes: I am a total sucker for tropes: accidental marriage, fake dating, stuck in a cabin, baby on the doorstep, cheesy AUs, the works. Throw them at me! I adore competent women kicking ass, women bonding, get together fics and figuring out how to stay together fics. I read fic to get the happy endings that are often missing in real life and in canon.

Dislikes: Death fic, sad endings, BDSM and heavy kink, graphic violence, dub-con/non-con, character bashing, cheating/adultery.

Holby City (Serena Campbell, Bernie Wolfe)

I adore Bernie and the way she's so quiet, so uncertain and unconfident, when she's dealing with her own feelings in contrast to her brisk efficiency dealing with traumas and patients. It makes my heart melt every time. I've loved watching her fall for Serena and watching Serena realise that even though this is all new to her, she's fallen for Bernie, too.

"I've been in love before, I recognise the symptoms," seems to sum up Serena's approach to all of this. She doesn't know what she's doing or how this work, but she knows what love feels like and so she'll plunge in feet first and learn as she goes.

The two of them have frustrated me and made my overjoyed by turns. What I want more than anything for these two is a story about their reunion. A Christmas reunion, if you're a Christmas sort of person. Throw in all the tinsel and mistletoe kisses you can stand! Wouldn't it be perfect if Bernie came back from Ukraine on Christmas Eve? Or perhaps Serena throws caution to the wind and goes to Kiev. She has the hat for it, after all.

The sight of them both hitting their heads on desks/steering wheels and declaring what idiots they were really got me, and I just want to read the story where they're back together and finally commit to that next step. It probably wouldn't be easy--they're Serena and Bernie, after all--but that just makes the resolution sweeter, doesn't it?

ETA: so canon Jossed my reunion wishes, but don't hesitate to write a reunion alternative! I'm totally happy to read another way they coukd reunite! Alternaively, we never got to see what happened after the blinds closed or what their first night was like. Or feel free to write their first Christmas together - did they have a shift together? Did they get to be at home together? As above, feel free to throw in all the Christmas tropes your heart may desire.

Custard Protocol - Gail Carriger (Primrose Tunstall, Tasherit)

I adore these two far more than is healthy. I'm particularly in love with the dynamic where Tasherit is absolutely sure about her feelings and Prim is absolutely sure she is *not* feeling what she's feeling, because she should really be trying to make a marriage. Even though every hint we get is that she is thoroughly in love with Tasherit and would walk through fire for her. It's frankly adorable. As is Tasherit's habit of playing with Prim, flirting with her outrageously until Prim blushes, because she always knows when to stop. I love that respect between them.

But they're so very frustrating! I don't know what it will take for Prim to finally stop pretending, but I'd love to see it. I'd love to see the moment Prim flirts back and challenges Tasherit, because I think it will be fiery and beautiful and wonderful, and I can just imagine Tasherit's confusion at finally getting exactly what she wants. If you can give me that with a little bit of adventure for them, I'd be thrilled.

Ghostbusters (2016) (Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert)

The flirting was so strong with these two. Honestly, it was beautiful to watch. I'm not sure how anyone could read Erin's flustered responses to Holzmann as anything other than early-stage crush object.

And then there was Holtzmann's beautiful destruction of all the ghosts in the big showdown. If Erin was immune to that, she's a stronger woman than me. What I really want here is post-movie fic, where Holtzmann flirts mercilessly and Erin is flustered and doesn't understand it, because she does seem rather clueless about people flirting with her. And then Holtzmann clues her in. If you find a way to throw in one of my favourite tropes, I'll probably squee at hypersonic levels.

Cornetto "40 - love" Commercial (Debbie, Maria Fernandez)

I have asked for stories about these two for the last two Yuletides, and apparently I'll never have enough because I'm back again! Let your imagination go wild for them. I'd love to see what happens the first time Debbie travels with Maria publicly to a tournament. How does it happen? How do they negotiate the inevitable press interest it would generate? How does Debbie deal with all those eyes on her?

Alternatively, I'd love to see them a couple of years down the line, confronting their status as role models for young gay women in sports for the first time and working out how they feel about that. How does switch from paparazzi sensation to inspiration affect them? Is it something they embrace, or do they try to stay away from the political side of their life and focus on the sport? What does Debbie do when she isn't Maria's girlfriend and the most famous line judge in modern tennis?

Persuasion - Jane Austen (Frederick Wentworth, Anne Elliot)

Persuasion is my favourite Austen book, and it's because of Wentworth and Anne. The painful constancy of their love grabs me and I cry a little reading his letter every time. I've always loved the image at the end of the Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root film, with Wentworth and Anne on the ship looking out at their future. And that's what I'd love to read about: Wentworth and Anne's life after they marry. She yearned so much for freedom and travel, it's there in every interaction she has with Mrs Croft and her quiet yearning for the relationship between Mrs Croft and the Admiral.

Wentworth is Anne's love and her chance to live a bigger life than the one assigned to her by her birth. I would love to see a glimpse of that life and where it takes both of them.

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