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Longest night, with joy

How did we already get to December 21st? Wasn't it June 21st yesterday?

We've already had some snow here, so saying it's the first official day of winter feels a little superfluous. The "official" seasons have little relationship with what the weather is actually doing, I feel.

Anyway, I'm mostly ready for Christmas. More ready than I usually am at this stage. All the baking is done. There are mince pies in the freezer ready to bake whenever I need some.

(I'll bake some tonight to bring into work tomorrow. We have a treat table going in my department this week, so the pies will fit in perfectly.)

Cranberry sauce is also in the freezer, along with Christmas pud and Christmas cake. If anything happens to keep me from my aunt's Christmas lunch, I've got a cashew roast in the freezer that I can bake off and serve for myself with all the trimmings. I think I'm ready!

I need to polish my Yuletide fic based on beta feedback, but it should be easily done in the next day or two. And I even wrote a Yuletide treat! Which needs to be posted in the next day or two, as well. It feels like this Yuletide was much less stressful than it has been over the last couple of years. I think the tactic in the future is to skip NaNo, because I'm feeling much more relaxed about Christmas right now. I've ended up as a post-deadline pinch hit, but I'm sure whoever is writing for me is working on a fic that I'll love. (THANK YOU.) And Yuletide, for me, is just as much about giving fic and working my way through the collection while eating Christmas cake, so being on the pinch hit list isn't too stressful.

Today I got a little bit of unexpected Christmas joy. One of the business analysts I work with--I spend hours every month helping him to balance revenue--gave me a present! We are both LotR fans, so he found a Lego Gimli for me! It's adorable and has taken pride of place in my desk geek collection :-D

So, how is everyone else doing with Yuletide and Christmas or Hanukkah prep? Have you had any bits of unexpected seasonal joy fall into your life?

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