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Selenay's Ramblings

23 November
I am [personal profile] selenay on Dreamwidth - but continuing to cross-post everything over here.

I'm a Brit and, in August 2008, I became a British ex-pat living in Canada. I can no longer call myself a recent graduate of the Open University because it's over three years since I graduated with a degree in IT and Computing. Sadly, I haven't quit let go of the learning thing because I just finished two years of French with the OU and I'm just starting to get tempted by lots of other courses. I worked as a data analyst for a major retail company for three years and now I'm a database programmer for an insurance company. It's my first job outside the retail world and I'm not quite used to not caring about the location of turkeys at Christmas yet. I also do the odd bit of web design on the side. Apparently I'm boring because my ratio of fannish to RL post has dropped so that lately this journal has been 90% RL. I'm working to change that and talk about fun stuff more often :-)

I'm a fanfic writer, having written gen, het and slash for various fandoms including Buffy, SG1, SGA and Doctor Who. Avengers (Clint/Coulson)is my current writing obsession love. I'm also a regular Yuletider. This journal is a place for me to ramble about fandom and meta thoughts, babble about books, vent about crappy stuff, discuss writing progress (or the lack therof) and occasionally make silly comments when all other ideas dry up.

Very few entries in this journal are friends-locked, so you'll get most of the gossip even if I haven't friended you back. My friending policy is based around whether I already know someone and whether we have enough in common for me to be interested in a reasonable number of your entries. I'm always happy if you want to friend me, but please try not to be offended if I don't friend back - my reading time online is fairly limited and I usually only manage to get through part of my friends-list when I am online!

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The famous Newsletter Index, listing all the LJ (and now IJ, GJ and JF if anyone can supply some links) fandom newsletters is available at: http://www.selenayhaven.com/newsletters01.htm

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